Saturday, September 02, 2006

checking in

well, we have internet at my dad's friend's house in Boston, so here are the thing you all MUST know!

--I met with the CPM and COM of blackhawk presbytery. they heard me preach and extensively examined me. Then they said that I was recommended for examination for ordination. SO: I'm scheduled for a September 12 presbytery meeting. I'm nervous, but trying not to think too much about it right now. Assuming the meeting on the 12th goes well, my "candidate weekend" is the 16th/17th, with three services to preach and a congregational meeting/vote to live through. It's all good, right? :-)

--I looked at 11 properties over two days, and found MY HOUSE. It's a condo in the center of town (not downtown, but the actual geographic center of town). Near parks. quiet neighborhood. two bedrooms and two bathrooms. kitchen with stainless appliances. balcony. beautiful complex lawn. I made an offer today. Now I just have to wait and see what they'll say. I hope they say yes, and then that the inspection goes well...and then the proposed closing date is October 3. How exciting! :-)

--I just saw a commercial for the new show "standoff" and noticed that Zoe from Firefly is in it but her hair is STRAIGHT! What a tragedy for her and her hair. She's still beautiful, though.

--Boston's aiport parking and whatnot is confusing. The southern suburbs where we're staying lack good street signage. But this house is incredible--colonial, of course, and cute, and with some great custom painting done by dad's friend and his fam.

--wild mushroom and asiago cheese pizza is really good.

--tomorrow we're off to Mystic. Of course it's supposed to rain during the weekend while we've rented a PT CRUISER CONVERTIBLE!!! I hope it's sunny at least a little bit, cuz we deserve to put that top down!

--Apparently there's early leaving involved in this "vacation" so I should be in bed. goodnight.

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