Wednesday, September 27, 2006


** life in sunny southern california is...excellent. Max is the cutest baby ever. In spite of his total inability to watch where he's walking, which today resulted in two major headbumps--one in which he walked right into a table and one with the door--that left gooseggs. He's still super cute. Not a ton of words yet, just "cat", "cow", "hot", "mama", "dada", "pop-pop", "bob", and maybe some more I haven't heard. "crap" is one we thought we heard...oops! Now we're spelling. LOL. Today we wondered if he said "cracker" but I don't think so. He loves being read to--he usually wants that more than anything else. He'll toss a book in your lap and stand there expectantly. He sometimes even sits down and opens one up himself, which is totally adorable. (he's 15 months old...he obviously can't read for himself yet, but it's still cool!)

** I got some furniture from IKEA and it will be delivered soon after I move in. yay!

** everything is in order for the upcoming trip to DC and then to close on my condo in Crystal Lake and then to head to Yakima and then to drive back to Crystal Lake with some stuff, my cat, and my grandpa (so I'm not all alone in driving). everything, that is, except for a sermon for this Sunday!

** plans for my ordination are proceeding nicely. My commission is mostly put together, the travel plans for family are made, etc etc. yay! In case any of you want to come, it's October 29th at 6.30pm at Fourth Presbyterian in Chicago. Come one, come all!

** susan made pad thai tonight and it was EXCELLENT!

** I spent the day with Jenny at the Getty Museum...also highly excellent. We had a wonderful time looking at art, eating portobella sandwiches in the cafe, and driving around LA. Good times.

** I will never understand public bathroom stalls where doors open inward. Especially at airports. Today I had to use the restroom in a Borders. The door literally came within a quarter-inch of the toilet, and was only a few inches narrower than the stall...I could barely open/close the door while I was in there! why do they do that? It's dumb.

** I am soliciting advice RE a stainless steel refrigerator. Tell me, what brands are good? How big should my fridge be? I like to cook, so I need a good amount of space, but I don't need a mondo walk-in-sub-zero fridge or anything like that. I am currently enamored of the bottom-freezer, as I think that's better for me since I prefer to use fresh stuff but sometimes forget about it hiding in the bottom.

** that's all for today. blanche (cat) is laying on the computer desk trying to get me to pay attention to her, so i shall. good times. :-)

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