Saturday, January 12, 2008

Reading Challenge 2008

Okay, I tossed the list out the window. I am about halfway through Untamed Hospitality, but WOW did I need to read something that wasn't about church!

So, naturally, I turned to a novel series that everyone seems to have read except me. That's right, I picked up the first Mitford novel by Jan Karon. The series (or at least most of it) is in our church library, leaving me no excuses. Yesterday evening I finished At Home In Mitford and went promptly on to A Light in the Window (I'm about halfway through that one).

Everyone loves these books. I expected to be bored or to find only fluff here, but instead I am charmed and I sort of want to live in that little village on the mountain and there's good theology and philosophy tucked in sometimes too. It's not all fluff, but it revives my mind and spirit the way good fluff does. :-)


  1. I haven't read them either, pretty much for the same reasons you were avoiding them. So, I guess I'll think about trying one now.

  2. I've read them all - except the most recent ones (the "spin offs" from the novels = haven't read 'em). I enjoyed them - for the reasons you noted. When you finish them - try the "Miss Read" books - a series set in England, in a Village, with the school teacher, Miss Read, as the main character. Their are vicars and vestries and animals and festivals and marrows....written in the '50s I think - Fairacre, Thursh Green, Caxley are some of the fictitious villages. Just a suggestion....