Tuesday, August 15, 2006

grown up things, 1

okay...first, I have to clarify. Apparently my last post was not clear about what exactly I said "yes" to. I have accepted a call to be an Associate Pastor. And when I've been through all the formalities and the presbytery and the congregational meeting have all decided they want me, then I'll let you know where. As if you aren't smart enough to figure it out. Anyway...

I've been home in Yakima for two days now (well, this is the second day). I've been doing all kinds of grown up things, mostly involving money. I've cancelled a credit card, checked on my student loan, changed some plane tickets, mailed in receipts for reimbursements, reviewed my credit report, and begun to make a "budget". Except that right now my "budget" is only a long list of things I will have to pay for--from student loan on down to toothpaste. You see, in the place where I am hopefully moving, there is very little rental property. And what rental property there is seems to be quite expensive. So it makes a lot more sense to think about buying a place to live--either condo or house. Plus I need to buy a car. So I'm looking at having my first grown-up job (with a paycheck--that's the definition of a grown-up job), plus buying my first home and my first car, pretty much all at the same time. I don't exactly know how that's going to work, but we'll see. I'm sure it will be very exciting. I feel excited! :-)

Yesterday Dad and Rachel and I went to Borders. I love Borders. And I had finished my book already, so I was desperate. Four new books, so I'm good for about a week or two. Just long enough to need something before I get on the plane again.

I have to come up with a dinner plan. Any thoughts?

That's all from the land of almost-grown-ups right now. Back to your regularly scheduled programming...

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