Monday, August 21, 2006

happy birthday to you....

Happy Birthday, Mom. Today you would be 48. To celebrate we are having enchiladas and refried beans, all homemade. umm, no vegetables, though. ;-) That's right--your gift this year is that you taught me how to cook. Also, I got you another present: I got a job and am working on buying a house. :-) Don't worry, no corporeal applause necessary.

It's your first birthday "since you've been gone." We've had quite a year, I suppose. Busy. Sad. But exciting things are happening now. There won't be any singing tonight, I'm sure, but there will be plenty of food--it seems I inherited your inability to judge quantity along with your culinary prowess.

Dad says I can have your KitchenAid mixer and the juicer--cool! It's like me getting presents for your birthday. I hope you don't mind.

Well, I have to go check those pinto beans and make sure they are soaking okay. I forgot to do it last night, but I don't want to get all pressure-cooker today so I'm cheating a little, just like you taught me. (boil 10 minutes, soak the rest of the day.) I hope you know that we love you and miss you, and that we're celebrating your birthday from here.

p.s. are you old yet? ;-)

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