Thursday, April 10, 2008

Reading Challenge 2008

I finished another novel this morning: The Secret Magdalene. It's a gnostic novel, using quite a bit of John's gospel and pieces of others. The story is intriguing, the way well-known biblical characters turn out to be related is fun and overall I thought it was a nice twist. Not on par with, oh, scripture or anything, and certainly nothing to spark a major controversy in spite of the fact that one of the quotes on the back says "what the DaVinci Code only hinted at, this brings to life." It's not like the DaVinci Code. It's a novel (as is the DVC) and does not claim any historical or spiritual accuracy. Plus, it is SO gnostic that you can't escape it. But it was a fun read. I'm dying to give a spoiler, so here it comes....


John, the beloved disciple, is Mary Magdalene. I know, this isn't news to those who are big into the Jesus-Magdalene-church conspiracy-DaVinci thing. But to the rest of us, I say: How fun! I told you it was a fun twist on an old story--the way that all plays out is interesting and even a little captivating. And I have to confess that sometimes the extremely gnostic things they say in this book make a lot of sense--but that is likely my young-adult backlash against right-wing-neocon-"evangelical" christianity that gets play in our media.

Anyway, this was a fun novel. :-)

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