Wednesday, April 02, 2008

stuff happens

So I went away for the whole week after Easter. slept some. drank some wine. talked with friends. led worship for a conference. led a workshop for the conference. Did stuff. Waited a long time in an airport. Read part of a book. Came back to work. Found a window has been placed in my office door--awesome! Was irritated about some stuff that I won't blog about other than to say: when will youth and their activities be respected in the church? Ate lunch at my fave mom-and-pop Mexican place. About to go eat lunch at my fave local cafe. They have cream of asparagus soup today, and also red pepper and tomato bisque, which sounds good. I'm still tired. So glad not to have to teach tonight--instead get to enjoy a guest speaker. Hallelujah. Maybe there's a lavender bath bomb from Lush in my future.

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