Thursday, September 24, 2020

on the 27th day before my birthday....

 I was reminded that it's okay to go to sleep sometimes, and wake up and try again tomorrow.

I do not have the seemingly boundless energy people used to think I had (whether I ever had it is a secret I plan to keep!), and it is okay to rest.

Convincing myself that I won't miss anything, that there is no secret rule of the universe saying I have to stay awake until a certain time or risk being "uncool," or whatever other nonsense has kept me from my bed for years, took a long time.

Ok...truth be told, this might be a lesson I am still learning even in the last few days of my 30s. But today I am going to live into it.

This poem that my friend Elsa shared with me the other day feels like just the one I need today...because tonight, I need to be allowed to learn to love my need for rest, though it often feels like an uncertain new world to need more of that than I perhaps did before. And so it is. :-)

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