Thursday, November 28, 2002

I don't like them.
I like it.
However, people who need housesitters generally have pets.
This holiday time, I am housesitting for a classmate.
She and her fam have a dog.
BUT: I love this dog. It is a husky, and I have never seen such a beautiful dog in my entire life. and so sweet!

no one is left at school: there are literally 6 upper campus (ie dorm) dwellers left. maybe 7--but the seventh is leaving soon. crazy!

I am trying to decide whether I should answer the phone here or not. I think probably not. I'm only here a couple of days, and no one has the number here so it clearly won't be for me...unless it was the people who live here, of course. hmm. the phone just rang and i ignored it. oh well!

harry potter--i am going to see it again right now. is that lame? crazy, probably. it is one LONG movie.

i think that's all for now. happy thanksgiving, everyone! I can't wait until some people come back to school...


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