Sunday, November 24, 2002

Harry Potter was quite good, but there were some noticeable changes from the book. Now, granted, I re-read the book this morning before going to the movie this afternoon, but still. It's rather important that Harry turn up at the Malfoy's in the floo powder incident, and that Riddle see the phoenix healing Harry's wound...but anyway, it was good fun. Afterwards we ate ice cream and chatted.
My evening was thoroughly enjoyable (perhaps one of the best parts of the day...), spent with Matt watching a movie in his room and chatting about everything and nothing. it was good fun, nice to relax, etc.

I realized today that Hebrew must be crowding English out of my brain. I couldn't come up with really normal words in mid-sentence, at least three or four times in the last two days. that's not good, not good at all. I learned all that GRE vocab for a reason! (oh wait, that was to take the gre...never mind then...) in any case, it's frustrating not to have the words you want at the moment you want them. oy.

i think i will not be in church tomorrow. i should really clean my room. ugh. tomorrow night is both a birthday party AND i'm going to the new Bond movie! woohoo! :-) Bond...James Bond...

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