Friday, November 15, 2002

today's favorite person, number 1
the woman at united airlines who was so helpful to me when i needed to change a ticket today and missed the free-change window by three minutes. she called around, worked hard, and hooked me up with a change to my flight for no charge. i love her! i told her she was my favorite person, she asked what she was getting for christmas! I told her anything she wanted, and i'd be more than happy to send a card! woohoo! that was great. i thought for sure i would have to pay $100, or cry, or both. but no! yay!

today's favorite person, number 2 (a VERY close second)
Christopher. he taught me hebrew today, which was excellent. it was humbling to me to literally have no idea what was going on, and very uplifting to know at least most of it when we left the library! yay! i hope he got something out of all that, because I know i did. Thank you! :-) you rock!

that's all for now. I need to be in bed. ta.

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