Monday, November 04, 2002

so i'm supposed to be writing a paper on Micah right now. Am I?

that would be a no.

what am I doing, you might (rightfully) ask.

that would be: nothing. I am wasting time on the internet. sound familiar?

by the way: would you people who "hate" my blog please leave comments or sign the guestbook or something? I mean, honestly. it's like you're just voting me down to vote yourselves up, and that's shady. whatever happened to criticism, especially constructive? do you expect anyone to have a blog you like if you don't tell them what you don't like? And really, do you think it hurts my feelings that you don't like reading about my life? if it did, bloghop wouldn't be on my page because my ego wouldn't be able to take it. so just tell me what you don't like. I'll read it, then decide whether or not to ignore it. :-)

i'm going to start reading for this paper now. class in 1.5 hours. (not the one where the paper is due, thankfully!)

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