Tuesday, November 19, 2002

Ok...so last week's hebrew quiz was less successful than i would have liked. however, it was (excessively) generously graded....but i still need to be better this week. to that end, i am doing homework prior to thursday night this week.
however, i am also supposed to be reading some Very Long thing for Reformed...and i do mean Very Long. I am at the library reading, actually, because i have re-learned something about myself:

I cannot do homework at home.

I get distracted. i clean, i play on the internet, i do other things, i talk on the phone, i read, i re-organize, i do nothing, i take naps, etc. In Chicago i used to go to restaurants, bars, bookstores, church, etc, to do homework--because i knew I didn't get work done at home. here, though, can't do that. nothing is close by, the public transportation is terrible, i don't have a car, and there aren't really many of those things around anyway. so i am trying, for the first time in my life, to study at the library. in undergrad i only went INSIDE the library about 10 times in four years, and 7 of those times were to make tapes for listening exams. the other three...umm..twice for my historical jesus research and once for my thesis research. of course, i return books in the bookdrop in the hallway (because that was on my way to class! LOL). so here i am trying to learn to study in the library. the thing is, it's very quiet, and i can't study in the part of the library where people can talk because i know those people. i need a degree of noise, but i need it to be coming from people i don't know and conversations i don't have even the slightest interest in. that's why restaurants, starbucks, bookstores, bars, etc are good places. but i'm trying--because i won't get any studying done at all if i don't learn to study here i don't think. i've been trying to do homework at home for the last 10 weeks, but i've realized that my time-management skills aren't so good. oy. too many naps. so there you go: me, at the library. I've spent more time in the library in the last two days than the first 10 weeks of school combined. heheheheh!

anyway, i'm done now. i should be reading about the sin of human pride. for 40 more pages. ugh.

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