Thursday, November 28, 2002

I remember now why I don't have a tv.
because there is never anything on. At the house where I am staying, they have at&t broadband cable. hundreds of channels. is there anything on, ever? no. it was quite distressing, though, how i sat mindlessly watching for a couple of hours, thinking how there was nothing on and yet i was watching it. that, ladies and gentlemen, is why i do NOT have a television. because there's never anything on, but i'd watch it anyway. bad news.

anyway, that's all on that. i watched a bit of the macy's parade this morning, and was kind of sad i wasn't standing on broadway watching it myself. Then I saw the weather there--27 degrees! and was happy that I was sitting in a 70 degree house in a town where the outside temperature was high enough that I went out without a coat this morning (sweatshirt, yes, fleece, no...) to walk the dog. ha! take that, chicagoans! it's cold up there, and you've had snow, and you haven't seen the sun in ages...and here it's "cold" and it's in the upper 40's and it's sunny. yay! :-)

happy thanksgiving to all...remember why you are thankful (and not just because of all the stuff you have...because that makes this into yet another materialist holiday!) and remember those who are thankful with so much less....and eat some mashed potatoes. but leave some for me! yum yum yum....

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