Friday, November 22, 2002

yay for friday.

today is the last hebrew quiz. ever. only one vocab quiz, one "extra credit" project, and the final. and then it's over--until exegesis begins in february.

tonight i am going to the ASO...they are doing the Tchaikovsky DMajor violin concerto, Prokofieff fifth symphony, and a contemporary piece called "Blitz" by a very young composer. it premiered in fall of 1999 when the composer was 23 years old. i am currently 22 years old. hmm. however, i am reserving judgment on the piece until i hear it (though from reading the program notes about it on the web, it sounds shady...), so you may hear from me later tonight saying how fabulous he is even so young, or how he needs to spend some more time on his next work. lol.

my cosmo has still not arrived. this is very distressing to me. if it doesn't come today (which doesn't look promising, frankly), i am going to buy one. of course, that will result in the magazine immediately arriving monday morning. oy.

i am going to go memorize Isaiah 40.1-11 for Scripture Reading now. today is the last scripture reading class. the semester is nearly over! After Thanksgiving we only have one week of class, then finals! wow. so fast, yet so long.

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