Saturday, November 23, 2002

the hebrew quiz today wasn't bad--it was almost all from the homework. big thanks to chris who did the homework with me! :-)
the ASO tonight was quite good--but with some issues that I can hardly believe other people didn't notice. i'm sure they did, and probably had conversations in cars very similar to ours.
i can't even recreate it for you, but basically it was about the soloist/conductor being together (or not...), the violin section, the tuning in some sections--each piece was carefully reviewed, movement by movement.

It was almost like I was back in musician-land, debriefing after a concert i'd just played.

i'm glad i don't do that anymore.

I love the assistant principal clarinet player. he's a good Eb player, and a Very Good principal player. There was only one thing that occasionally annoyed me about his playing, compared to his principal chair colleague, who does something new every time i hear her.

all in all, the concert was quite good. the people sitting behind us annoyed the crap out of all of us, but other than that...

i am going to see harry potter tomorrow after lunch. i must go now to finish re-reading the book. i'm halfway through.

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