Thursday, November 14, 2002

yeah, so hebrew is harder this week than usual. i don't like that at all. and i'm tired and want to take a nap until tomorrow. is that so bad? i have much OT reading to do, sadly, so no napping right now!

something bizarre has happened to my cursor, and now it has a little "flag" type thing on the top. it is very weird. I thought it would go away if i turned off my puter, but it didn't. well, when the puter was off obviously the cursor was gone too. but now that the puter is back on, the little flaggy-type-thingy is still there. i don't think i like it very much.

tonight's dinner doesn't sound very good. in fact, it sounds gross. i may need to go out. hehehe. the only thing about being here is that it's ice cream sundae bar night. mmmm.... maybe i stay for ice cream then go out for dinner. heheh!

why hasn't my new Cosmo come in the mail yet?

I was on hold at United Airlines for a long time today, but it was worth it. i missed the cut-off for free itinerary changes by less than 5 the woman was super nice and worked out a way that i could change a flight and not get charged. it took some time (my whole nap time actually) but was totally worth it. woohoo!

i'm going to go see if anyone else wants to bail on dinner. catch y'all later....

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