Saturday, November 16, 2002


yeah, so apparently walt disney was a scam. heheeh!

Last night's ASO concert was very good. They did a new piece commissioned for them called "Cityscapes", which is about Atlanta. They did the 4th of Rachmaninoff's piano concerti. They did the Pines of Rome (the reason I went to the concert). It was a good concert, and I was again impressed with the level of playing in the ensemble. I was disappointed in the clarinet solo in Pines because I thought the woman was tired and had some difficulty making it all work (at least at first)--but granted that is a HARD solo to play. HARD. So anyway, it was a good performance.
The audience, on the other hand. They need to learn to be a good deal more discerning and a good deal less southern. They gave a standing ovation for every piece! This is completely unnecessary. One should only stand when really thoroughly moved by the excessively magnificent quality of a performance. Otherwise, the standing ovation means nothing. The woman seated next to me was of a similar mind and we had a discussion about that.
Now, as for the offstage brass ensemble...they, of course, come onstage for the last few minutes of the of the trumpet players was SO cute. wow. he didn't have a ring on...........which the woman next to me pointed out could simply mean that it was hard to play the trumpet with the ring on (whatever). hehehe! I didn't meet him or anything--the point is simply that he was cute. and they were very good. I love the Pines of Rome.
So anyway, that's all I have to say for now, I think. I have things to do this weekend that I need to get a move on. :-) ta.

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