Wednesday, November 13, 2002

ok. Dead Man Walking. this is a distressing movie, on so many fronts.

so, we'll start here: i do NOT agree with the death penalty. i don't think that killing people to prove that killing is wrong is a productive way to teach a lesson. hello, teaching by example? I also think that life in prison, locked away from other people forever, is a FAR greater punishment than death.

the movie was good, it was engaging, it was serious, it was worrying, it was all these things. it also reminded me of when my friend Hillary was abducted and murdered a couple of years ago. it was a very hard time, and i cannot even imagine what her parents felt. however, they were the ones who did NOT want the death penalty, in spite of the fact that the man had multiple offenses and was escaped (or paroled or something) when it all happened. however, he has been sentenced to death. he has also been sentenced to 72 years for without parole for the kidnapping and car theft. when i read that part i was very happy, but i'm sad that the death penalty has not yet been avoided. well, as happy as one can be given the fact that a friend, colleague, sister of a friend/babysitting charge, daughter of good friends had been missing for over two weeks before being found dead in a field. i found an article about the sentencing a few weeks ago. if i can find it again i'll post the link here.

in the meantime, i have much homework to do and some avoidance of sleep to engage in. i cannot even imagine the brutality depicted in the murders shown in that movie, or the stress of watching an execution. several of us literally covered our eyes when the needle was put in. ugh. so yeah, i'm avoiding bed for now because i don't want to see that again. and besides, i have homework to do.

i recommend the movie--it is certainly food for thought.

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