Tuesday, June 25, 2002

about that sunburn-turning-to-tan thing....hold that thought. My left arm is peeling. lets just pray for a tan at this point--but without the skin cancer thanks.
my skin is very hot. so is my apartment. it was cool just an hour ago...what happened?

i get to have a car for 12 days starting tomorrow. woohoo! :-)

must get to sleep. I'm still tired, and I swear I can still smell the bugspray. Did I tell you...no wait, I just read yesterday's entry and I didn't tell you. so here we go:

we were staying at this camp near Bloomington (Illinois, where special olympics were being held). we had cabins that are not usually used, and had many many bugs. they were also near ruin (well, close...maybe...) and the last date anyone had written on the wall or ceiling (in that time-honored camp tradition) was 1983. we were in the woods, on the shore of Lake Bloomington. There were 4 sets of bunkbeds in this cabin that was about 10 feet by 12 (maybe 14 if you're lucky)...some windows, a screen door that didn't really close...that's about it. except for the bugs. I don't mean just a few bugs--I mean a lot. All over. All the time. spiders, mosuitos, flies, other bugs that may or may not have names--the people who catalog insect species should take a trip out there, I'm sure they'd discover some new species and they could name it after me. After all, at least I sprayed insect repellent on ME, not on the BUGS. The kids sprayed it everywhere. (so did i.) bed? yes. sleeping bag? yes. curtains? yes. suitcases? yes. pillows? as gross as it was, yes. ditto for towels. the floor around the bedposts? yes, in the hopes that bugs would then NOT crawl up the posts into our beds. there was a permanent cloud of bug spray in our cabin for all four days. I'm not kidding about that. We sprayed it every chance we got. on everything. on the bright side, we didn't get bitten. on the decidedly-less-bright-side, my throat feels like i drank a bottle of the stuff, and i think that insect repellent is now a permanent part of my chemical makeup. It may very well be part of my DNA. at least that would be good for any children i might have someday.

i think that i should get to my reading and my bed now. even though i only woke up 13 hours ago. yay, sleep! :-) must make up for the weekend!

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