Saturday, June 08, 2002

Guess what I did yesterday? I meant to post this, actually, but forgot. I went to Borders and read a whole book. It was an excellent book, I highly recommend it, called The Fourth Treasure and it is by Todd Shimoda. I sat in the cafe, had a mocha (and this month at my local Borders if you buy a mocha you get a free Ghirardelli chocolate square!) and read the book...the whole thing. I loved it.
I wanted to rent The Gospel According to Saint Matthew, the classic Pasolini film, but not one video store within a reasonable distance of my house had it. I discovered today that they have it at the Harold Washington Library downtown, so I am going down on Monday afternoon to try and convince them (again) that even though I don't have an ID with a local address, I really will be living here all summer and would appreciate a library card..thanks. Until then, I just have to be annoyed that no video store has this landmark film. oy.
now, if you'll excuse me, I have to go cut some rope for tomorrow.

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