Wednesday, June 12, 2002

I tried to take a nap at church tonight, before Bible study, but I couldn't sleep because I kept seeing people I know and wanting to chat. hehehe!
I went to my friend Gretchen's birthday party tonight--it was a Hawaiian theme (because it's King Kamehameha (how do you spell that anyway?) day. :-) The punch was excellent!
SO now I am still a little sleepy and yet a little wired because it was a fun party--and I don't have to be anywhere until noon tomorrow. Tomorrow is my last day of work! woohoo! No more front desk for me! :-) This is thoroughly exciting! My mom and grandma arrive tomorrow too. yippee! Must clean my
I think I will read until that makes me sleepy (approximately 3.6 seconds at this point, as Hugo seems to have taken a break from the storyline--again....). goodnight all!

Happy King Kamehameha day. :-)

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