Sunday, June 09, 2002

tonight I ate baked lays barbeque chips and diet dr pepper for dinner. Then I read the label and realized that the chips are made with chicken fat. Too late now--i ate them. but the thought of not eating them anymore makes me sad. I emailed Lays to ask why that was really a necessary ingredient.
Also tonight I figured out what to do with the Junior High Youth Group tomorrow. Clearly, the answer was to tie them up with rope! I cut some rope to the appropriate lengths for said activity. I also bought some masking tape to tape their hands up. Should be fun. :-)
I'm still reading Les Mis. I had to start over, it had been so long since I read it. I had been around 600 pages in when I had to stop because of school work--6 months ago. Back to page 1 in a nanosecond. oy. I'm in the 300s now, but the book has nearly 1500 pages. I could be reading this a while. Watch the "what I'm reading" post to the left there to find out when I finish and what will be next.
BTW: I'm not going to murder the junior highs or anything. we are playing "special olympics" and the idea is that they have to compete in some games and sports with a difficulty, such as no use of their arms, or no fingers, or blindfolded, etc, to get an idea of what it might be like for Special Olympics Athletes who have learned to participate in sports in spite of their difficulties. The group is going on a workcamp to volunteer at the Illinois Special Olympics in two weeks. hence the activity. and the rope. (it's still going to be fun to tie these kids up.)
I think that's enough rambling for now. if you want more, by all means let me know. clearly i can come up with more stuff to say.
happy saturday evening. :-)

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