Wednesday, June 26, 2002

I have been here all day (here being church, and "all day" being since after lunch, aka around 1:20pm CDT) working on tonight's YABS (YABS being Young Adult Bible Study). I went across to FoodLife (FoodLife being an excellent food court in the Water Tower shopping centre across the street) for dinner, couldn't decide what I wanted, and had pizza and a strawberry smoothie out of sheer apathy. BUT: the Bible Study (commonly referred to by me and others who lead as "BS") is ready to go. It will be odd. I'll let you know how it goes. just fyi: it's the beginning of a 10 week series on Matthew, and tonight is the "overview" session, which includes history, context, authorship, the form and flow of the text, etc. It is opposite of everything our BS usually is: it is almost a lecture, whereas we usually have discussion. The sad part about all that is that I am the one lecturing. As if I know stuff! whatever....must go down and just do it!

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