Sunday, June 16, 2002

well, that's over. And I've dragged my mom and grandma to church as well. They didn't sing or read or anything, they just sat. But small steps--at least they are being supportive! :-)
Graduation was not very long, but it was boring. Phillip Glass spoke, but I think he forgot his point as he began to speak--so he didn't have one. too bad..
The party (at Chicago's Pizza) was excellent! :-) yum yum yum..and almost all my good friends were there. yay!

Today on the way home from taking my friend Emily to the airport, I recognized a street name from a place I wanted to visit and turned on it just for fun (it wasn't on the way home at all!) and magically Eli's Cheesecake Factory materialized in front of us! woohoo! We went in and bought some Very Cheap cheesecake--the "imperfect" ones are $2-$11! excellent!
We are going to the garfield park conservatory now to see the Chihuly in the Park exhibit. should be fun.
happy Sunday!

Oh answer you all who think I'm really done with school--i'm not. I'm done with a bachelor of music degree, but in the fall i'm beginning a master of divinity. more school ahead. :-) "real world avoidance" indeed.

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