Thursday, June 06, 2002

so today it was supposedly going to be sunny. Is it? no. It's cloudy. And cold. i hate Chicago weather.

I cannot figure out why the text looks the way it does--where it's indented on the left and continues like that forever, and it goes a VERY LONG way to the right.
why? Any thoughts on how to change that, much appreciated.

The end is in sight: today is the last Thursday I will be working.
Tomorrow is my last class (ancient israel: history, literature, and religion, in case any one wants to know). And my last paper will be turned in.
My last day of work is Tuesday.
Graduation is next Saturday! woohoo!

i say "the end" but what I really mean is the end of a chapter: I'll be in school again in September. oy. but in a new place, a new degree, new weather....

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