Thursday, June 27, 2002

yay! I have successfully created a bulletin for a Taize service. I did it the old fashioned way--literally cut and paste. when we do them for real, obviously, we will use a scanner and computer, but I didn't have access to that today. It's only 3:30 and I am done with the work for today! perhaps I'll go shopping...perhaps i'll stay here and read my book for a while (where it's air conditioned!!)...who knows...

I was at Whole Foods yesterday and they didn't have any edamame. I was so sad! I want it fresh, not frozen, and they did not have that. cry! I will have to try a different whole foods--because I've seen it in the refrigerator of a friend's house--with the Whole Foods sticker on! there's one down here--perhaps that is what i will do now! yay, a purpose!

I'm off...ttfn!

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