Monday, June 10, 2002

I picked up my cap and gown today. woohoo! Graduation is in 5 days. excellent!

I discovered, though, that there will be no live music at graduation--everything will be recorded. At the MUSIC SCHOOL graduation! What's wrong with this picture? Let me explain:
We have just spent four years and upwards of $80,000 to learn how to make a career performing music--yet the school is unwilling to pay the $1,200 that it would cost to hire actual musicians to play at graduation. So, they are contributing to the inability of musicians to make a living--because recordings are taking the place of live music in so many places, and now at the graduation of a prominent school of music in the US. This is not good.
Excuse me while I write a very scathing letter to the president of the university, informing him that this is an outrage and that any money I might make in my career (in spite of people and organizations like this university) will go to institutions more worthy than this one--institutions and people that are engaged in MAKING careers rather than undermining them.

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