Thursday, March 08, 2007


too busy?

I realized today that in the five days I work I often work 51 or more hours. (51 is generally the minimum for a week.)

I realized yesterday that I have no evenings at home now--Sunday through Thursday I am at church at least until 8, more often 9 or even later. Last night I left at 9.45. Granted, I am teaching a short-term evening class and after Easter I'll have one evening free, but still. Do you know what it means to someone who loves to cook to have no evenings free?

I'm pretty sure that's not good.

I haven't had time to blog lately.

Next week I have some big stuff going on and probably won't have time to blog then either.

Is it bad if my Lenten discipline gets done a few days at a time instead of every day? (answer: yes. I know this. I'm working on it. But I need to get caught up, too...)

In other news, it's still cold outside. Very cold. I am really excited about next week. The big things of next week are pleasant things, I think. I'm also excited about the young women's preaching conference, about my Africa class, and about hearing Richard preach on Isaiah 55 this Sunday. I think Isaiah 55 is the best chapter in the entire Bible. If I could only read one chapter of the Bible ever again, I would choose that one. Girl scout cookies are in--I got my two boxes of Thin Mints and oh, they are good. We are collecting girl scout cookies to send to soldiers in Iraq. I am too selfish to give mine away. To any soldiers reading this: sorry, but we have loads of other boxes so I hope you get some.

That's all. I am going home soon...just one more person who "MUST" talk to me at the end of choir (in 18 minutes). Good times.

I think my kitties miss me. They have taken to scattering papers all over the house. I leave and the papers are in a stack on a shelf or table. I come home and they are all over the house...not just all over the living room, but all over the house. It's quite impressive, I must say.

The end, for today.

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