Monday, March 26, 2007

I am random

  • Had an off day in worship today--accidentally talked to myself during the prayers of the people...which I was leading!
  • Those prayers of the people were my sole responsibility at church today. Spring Break = no Sunday School, no Youth Group, no Confirmation...and someone else did the Children's Time. Just prayers. Which I could not even do with either dignity or grace. Too bad.
  • Left church just after noon, like a normal person.
  • It was sunny and warm. I suddenly understood the attraction of Sunday Afternoon Drives. I live in a place where you could really do that--roll down the windows and drive through the country, enjoying the sun.
  • I didn't drive more than the 4.6 miles to my house. I went home, read, and slept.
  • I had a root beer float today. I just really felt like I needed one today--so perfect for the weather. It was literally perfect--a root beer float on my balcony in the sun.
  • I have cooked three meals in a row for myself. That's impressive for someone who didn't have any food in her house for more than two weeks.
  • Yesterday I heard an NPR story in which a congressman said that we need to pursue victory, not peace, in Iraq. Oh dear. the many things I want to say about that will not fit on the internet.
  • Yesterday I was at a Youth Specialties CORE training event. It was about helping hurting kids. The photos of the arms of kids who cut were heartbreaking. I am so grateful that no kids in my youth group are cutting. They have issues, sure, but they aren't relieving their pain by cutting up their arms and legs and hands. I don't think I came away with a really good action plan or anything for when these things come up in my ministry, but I did come away with a little more understanding. And, the best part about going to YS stuff, I came away with a bunch of books. When you attend an event, you get 20% off their resources, pay no shipping, and have instant gratification. It's pretty excellent.
  • Friday I had a real day off--it was awesome. I slept in, I read and napped the day away, I drove into the city and went to Taize at Fourth, I had a Mint Bliss sundae at Ghirardelli. Mint chocolate chip ice cream with dark chocolate hot fudge. Oh. My. God. It was so good. Then I hung out at Calum and Missy's, reading. They came home, we drank wine and talked until too late...then I slept but not well because I was so paranoid about oversleeping and missing the YS seminar in the morning. LOL--I ended up getting there early.
  • I have been reading The Memoirs of Cleopatra--a novel by Margaret George, who also wrote novels about Mary Queen of Scots and Mary Called Magdalene. It's fiction, of course, but extremely engaging fiction! I am really enjoying it.
  • I'm also reading Christianity for the Rest of Us. So far, it's pretty much right on.
  • My cats LOVE when I have the sliding glass doors open and they can chase things by climbing the screens. I too find this hilarious.
  • Is it any wonder I rambled in the prayers of the people today? So many things are swirling in my brain!!


  1. Oh dear, that does sound a little awkward!

  2. So you talked to yourself during a prayer? Here's a one noticed. It's a prayer.