Tuesday, March 13, 2007


Jason is here!
His birthday is tomorrow, and his surprise birthday present (worked out by me, his mom, his brother, and the pastor of his church) was/is a trip here to visit me and to have a birthday experience at the art institute's current special exhibit on Tuesday. yay! I am very excited, happy that it seems to have been a real surprise, and glad to see him. He is glad to be here, I think! He could hardly believe that I was able to pull off a surprise like this. I'm not always a good secret keeper, and I nearly told him everything several times, and nearly slipped up about fifty other times!

So anyway, happy birthday Jason! I hope you like your Birthday Surprise. :-) much love!


  1. you go, surprising teri!

  2. Happy Birthday, Stumpy!

  3. And how could he not enjoy the surprise! Say hi to him for me.