Thursday, March 15, 2007

less is more?

So I have not been writing much on here. This makes me sad, but is not unusual. Over the past five years my blogging habits have gone through ebbs and flows, like any other thing humans do.

One of the things a youth I met with today said really struck me as true, though. She said that she only writes poetry and songs when she's really happy or really sad. If she's in a normal (or vaguely blah) feeling place, she has trouble writing.

I wonder if I'm not writing as much because I'm feeling generally vague, tired, or something like that? I'm not having the extreme emotional ups and downs I've had in the past couple of years. I'm actually running on a fairly even keel, except for one particular frustration that I can't write about here. It's a new place, and kind of nice, actually. But it means I have to come up with something worthwhile in order to write. Because less is more, right? Or at least, if it's going to be less (volume/frequency) then there should be more (quality).

I am mildly ashamed to say that I abandoned my Lenten Discipline after only 7 days. I just haven't been able to keep that up while I've been sick AND working 50 + hour weeks. It seems that I may be feeling more emotionally balanced but my time is now out-of-whack! ACK! (hehe, rhyme.)

So that's my post for the day, along with this observation:

Every morning I eat my breakfast cereal on the couch, looking out the glass doors of my living room to the lawn. Now the snow has melted and I can see the lawn, which is nice. The last few days, my cats have been looking out the window instead of trying to get into my cereal bowl, because the birds have been hanging out on my balcony. this morning I watched some little birds play and sing while my cats stalked them mercilessly from behind the glass. It was a lovely sunny morning with my favorite cereal.


  1. Hey Teri,

    Yeah, everything in life does that. I was working really hard at learning Khmer at first, now I fill my free time with stuff that doesn't involve a lot of hard work -- like reading Pride and Prejudice aloud. I guess it's finding a balance. How to fit Khmer and P&P without losing too much sleep.

    I haven't been blogging too much either lately. But really, how many times can you say, I'm still in Cambodia and learning a lot! I still love your blog -- it's the only one I check here!

  2. Hey Teri, I couldn't find an email address so I decided to comment here about how I owe you a Bailey's. I know you've had a really long day and I got a bit huffy about comments being made recently about Amazing Grace. It really wasn't about you at all - two others had posted comments on different revgal posts and really bashed it.

    I'm sorry and I hope you hang in there. I've been in that 'new youth director on site' role and it is a challenging and time eating one. Glad Jason got up for a visit. I've done that long distance thing too.

    Peace, friend.