Sunday, March 11, 2007

caramel sauce

Have you ever noticed that if you heat up caramel ice cream topping, it smells like cotton candy? Now, I know that's because both caramel and cotton candy are nothing more than sugar with a little added sugar. But the cotton candy smell is so wonderful, you know? I just love it. It makes me feel like the ice cream I'm about to enjoy is at the minor league baseball stadium where I spent so many of my high-school summers. Not because I play baseball (So Far From It...just ask my fam), but because for all the summers I was in high school, and then some, we housed players who came to play for the Bears. (I chose Wikipedia on purpose over the official site, because wikipedia lists some notable former Bears, among them Peter Bergeron, who lived at my house, and Paul Konerko, who lived with a friend and currently plays for the White Sox, not so far from where I live...)

Now that I've gotten thoroughly off topic, what I really wanted to say was this: I love caramel ice cream topping. It makes me want to lick my bowl. Unfortunately, Andrew (feline, silver colored, approx. age 10 months) got to it first. but my house still has some cotton-candy smell lingering from the heated caramel sauce.

1 comment:

  1. Carmeal is my favorite topping!
    I especailly love a Bananas Foster Sundae. So yummy, but then i like bananas also.
    My kitty often gets into my stuff as well. Anything he can reach is fair game. And he can get to anything because he can jump on top of 'fridge!
    I like the smell of carmeal heating also and the smell of popcorn makes me want to eat it, whether or not I am hungry,,,not a cheap date at the movies!