Saturday, February 18, 2006

a few minutes

well, i've been online a long time but now, suddenly, hours are gone and i'm minutes away from my self-imposed bedtime, so....

a few thoughts on my Johari window so far:

--several people seem to think i'm brave. why?
--no one seems to think i'm friendly. hmmm...something to think about.
--i'm not the least bit surprised not to find "sensible" on my list.
--it's quite frustrating to only be able to choose six adjectives. Doing these for other people is hard and feels restricting.

That's all for that.

I also have this to post for Amy:

Xander: "_ U E S T I O N: / W I L L / H I _ I N G / I N / A / _ A _ E _ N / W I T H / S T O _ _ _ I L E _ / _ H O _ O L A T E / G O O _ S / _ E / A N _ / _ A _ T / O _ / T H I S / _ L A N ?"

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