Monday, February 27, 2006

two years....

today is jason's and my second anniversary (just dating!). It's fun to have that somewhere memorable, don't you think? Cairo fits the bill, except of course we're a little Cairo-d out most of the time so we headed to Zamalek, an upscale neighborhood on an island in the Nile, populated or frequented mostly by either Western people, tourists, or wealthy Egyptians. Good times were had by all--a trip to a vegetarian-friendly (formerly vegetarian-only!) restaurant for a three course meal--vegan lentil soup (amazing), "mushroom quartet with mashed potatoes" (what I had--mushrooms prepared four ways, served around a center of very good mashed potatoes--what's better than mushrooms and mashed potatoes? Jason had some kind of beef fillet thing with veggies, and he said it was good.), and a shared strawberry crepe!...then a visit to the very cool bookstore with most of the stock in English--this place even has a cafe, it's nice and clean, it's organized, well-lit, and is mainly patronized by Westerners. It was kind of a nice haven, actually. We had a really wonderful evening eating and looking at books that were much too expensive for the YAV budget. And now...time for bed because tomorrow's a school/work day!

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