Tuesday, February 14, 2006


today it rained. That's right, big Southern Thunderstorm Rain. (without the thunder and, well, the storm.)

Unfortunately, Jason and I were outside. On our way to the seminary. It started as some harmless sprinkles, not all that uncommon....but then the sprinkles got bigger and started coming faster and before we knew it we were soaked through and getting wetter all the time.

It was not fun.

Then we were cold.

Then, after Jason left to get a ride home in a car, I stayed to chat with my students for a while, and then started walking home.

On the way I had the wonderful experience of not only being soaking wet but also being mroe intensely stared at than usual...probably because I was wet. Three guys blocked the sidewalk so I would have to touch them (albeit by rudely pushing) when I passed by. Some young adults (Christians, actually, it seems...the girls were not covered) very kindly splashed me from a disgusting street mudpuddle. Some really creepy old men said very gross things.

Ah, rain...it brings out the best in everyone. And, of course, it's not finished. As I write this, it's raining again. It's windy and the clouds are thick. I hope it stops by the time I go to choir tonight!

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