Thursday, February 16, 2006

flotsam and jetsam on the waves of my brain....

this isn't about coherent thoughts so much as little tidbits here and there...

--I wish I knew what I am supposed to do when I leave Egypt. Today I want to go to Italy--even if it means I have to raise a zillion dollars because the PCUSA is poor. But it would be nice if I had some sort of, well, clarity about the future.

--I wonder if the reason I throw up so much here has to do with lead? (in the gas, and therefore in the polluted air, and therefore in the dust and nastiness everywhere, and therefore in the soil, and therefore in the food....)

--I wonder how I will handle watching the fifth season of Buffy with my friends now that my mom has died?

--why doesn't our printer work? Or our in-house cell phone? And why doesn't the person whose job it is to make sure those things work do anything about it? "I don't have time" is not a good answer. This is your job.

--you'll see that I finally finished The Land. I thought it was kind of repetitive. Not Walter's best work, but with lots of really great bits. And the last chapter was fab.

--I have also finished Walking the Bible. good, if with some zionist leanings I really didn't appreciate and thought were rather shallow.

--Upon finishing those two books and upon starting the Bible in 90 Days business, I am only reading fun books I have read before but need to read again. Until I run out of those, at which point I will get back to the large number of books I haven't read yet that are in my "to read" stack. Feel free to keep up with my reading adventures in the sidebar.

--I hope Sarah doesn't pass out during the half-marathon she's running in Luxor tomorrow. She's been sick for over two weeks and is only beginning to get better, and is probably a little malnourished after all that. I don't think she should be running 13 miles just a couple days after barely recovering from whatever it was she had. So I hope she comes home in one piece and not from a scary egyptian hospital!

--I really like singing in the Cairo Choral Society. But I do not like singing in German.

--I miss my kitty.

--I feel like I have to do one of these Johari windows because everyone else is doing it and because it never hurts to become a little more self-aware, does it? me out here. Thanks.

I think that's all for today.

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