Friday, October 04, 2002

alright, so hebrew studying for tonight is done. i don't know about tomorrow's quiz, but whatever. all I have to say is: we can drop the lowest quiz grade.
I still need to read for OT. good times with 1 and 2 kings. woohoo!
I am feeling kind of weird--for two days I've been thinking I might be getting sick. my throat is all retarded (translation into non-teri english: inflamed and a little sore) and I have the tiniest of fevers (like 1.8 degrees). I've been taking echinacea, and i slept all afternoon, but i may not be able to go dancing tomorrow night. this makes me very sad. Very Sad. i really want to go dancing. really really really. but sleeping is fun too, i guess.
we'll see.

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