Sunday, October 20, 2002

a day of firsts

today I rode MARTA for the first time. It wasn't very exciting, which is probably for the best. The train is much quieter than the El. It is also 25 cents more than the CTA. Whatever. It still runs on tokens, which I think is very funny and outdated.

I went to Central Presbyterian for the first time today. Lots of people from school go there. It sounded like it would basically be Fourth Church....but there were some notable differences. First, it's smaller. Second, there are SO MANY ANNOUNCEMENTS I WANTED TO KILL MYSELF. during the "ritual of friendship" there were about 10 announcements. Then during "concerns of the church" there were easily 10 more announcements. I was so was like having someone read to you the community announcement channel or something. UGH. People, print the announcements in the bulletin, highlight three, and get on with it!!! No one remembers when you just tell them a list of 20 announcements! GRR.

I ate tabouleh for the first time.

I also ate soba for the first time.

both were very good.

I made fresh berry smoothies for the first time since I moved here. They were excellent.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I really must get on this midterm. It must get done today. Too bad I don't know what the directions of part II mean.....oy. this could turn out to be interesting...

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