Saturday, October 12, 2002

Today was long.
*8am class. thankfully my OT small group has decided to meet over breakfast, so i go to breakfast at 8 and we discuss over the meal. the lecture today was kind of long too, and not nearly as amusing as usual. Kathleen O'Connor was a guest lecturer, and while she is absolutely brilliant, she's not an exciting lecturer.
*i had a coughing fit during chapel, but couldn't leave because i was in the opposite corner from the door, and was in the middle of the choir. (the coughing was during the sermon, and had thankfully ended by the time we had to sing.) the only thing anyone around me had was a) a Tootsie Pop or b) cinnamon altoids. I went with the altoids, which didn't really work but was close enough. i have never coughed so much...i thought i was going to die in the middle of the sermon about being living stones.
*i missed three things on my hebrew quiz. (my lowest grade so far)
*scripture reading was an eternity.
*i took a nap.
*i went to a WIIM (women's issues in ministry) event to welcome the new church history professor. it was very fun.
*i went out with a bunch of friends and we had a good time.
*we wanted to go bowling...because there was an inter-seminary event tonight: overnight bowling from 11pm to 2am. unfortunately, we weren't sure which bowling alley it was at, so after we tried the closest one, we gave up.
*we had dessert at a totally shady place but the dessert was SO good. mmm...warm brownie with ice cream and fudge sauce. mmm....warm chocolate chip cookie with ice cream and raspberry sauce. mmmm....
*we hung out at amy's house, but were all too tired to do anything. so now i'm home, it's almost 1:30am, and i am SO EXCITED to sleep in tomorrow.

I have to do laundry tomorrow.
and maybe learn hebrew, since i didn't do such a good job of that this week, apparently. Granted, two of my mistakes were dumb, and one was brought on by not thoroughly knowing pronoun vocabulary. I looked up the word, and it said "thou" so...i wrote "they" instead of "you". this is not smart. This is what happens when one is concerned about time. Let this be a warning to you all: BE CAREFUL.

I'm going to sleep now because I'm not amusing anyone, even myself.
good night.

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