Saturday, October 19, 2002

i fully recognize that two posts ago (ie yesterday) my statement that i never want to type or say that phrase again is foolish...after all, i'm in a class that focuses on the book of confessions. and i'm studying to be a pastor in a confessional church. but really, the number of times that statement appeared in my outline was ridiculous. it was probably possible to sum up the entire essay by saying "every single thing the church or individuals in the church think, say, do, want to do, should do, etc, should be informed and evaluated by the confessional standards/in light of the confessions of the church...and the consensus is always more important/given more priority than individual dissenting voices, though those should be listened to and considered carefully..."

by the way, whoever voted that I am going to be 18 in two days: you are very wrong. hehehe!

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