Thursday, October 03, 2002

I think the baptism paper is done! Hallelujah! it's only 12:20! How did that happen? This might be the earliest I have gone to bed since school started. craziness! This paper literally just flowed out. I had six pages down in less than an hour. I love talking about myself. I had to work theology into it, which turned out to be slightly more complicated. however, I think it's done. yay!

The Hebrew quiz today was easy, as usual. However, i did have to "opt out" of baptism class today in order to study the vocab. Apparently the only thing I missed was the teacher baptizing a brussels sprout. ha! yesterday it was a cabbage. how very interesting, her apparent pre-occupation with vegetable baptism...

I am closing this evening with a plea for anagrams of "Wal-Mart". Preferably ones that involve a meaning related to "stupid". hehehe! thanks. goodnight. :-)

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