Wednesday, October 09, 2002

I had to make a decision this morning.

between going to class (8am) and sleeping so that I might have a chance to actually get well enough to go to all the rest of my classes for the rest of the semester (or at least until reading week when i suppose theoretically i would be able to recover).

I chose to sleep in the hopes that i would get well. after all, one cannot recover from illness without slowing down a little, right? given how i felt at 6:45am, i haven't slowed down enough. so i sacrificed a class to my physical well being. so far, i think this was a wise choice. however, i haven't seen anyone from class yet (it only just ended right now) so i don't know if i maybe missed the best class ever. Brueggemann is out of town so it was being taught by Marcia Riggs, a feminist OT scholar. it was probably fab, but my bed was equally fab, if not more so.

so anyway, i have to do homework now. we probably have a hebrew vocab quiz today, and i haven't learned any of the vocab. it's time.

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