Saturday, October 05, 2002

good times on the hebrew quiz today! except that i was working pretty quickly and I misread "banim" as "banot" and put daughters instead of my grade was only "almost perfect" instead of "perfect". this makes me a little sad. i really did know it! aaaah!!!
so--no dancing tonight because not feeling well. this is very sad. i want to go dancing! really really really. but no. no gay clubs for me this weekend. cry. i love gay clubs.

so anyway, we watched this week's episodes of changing rooms. good! well, one person didn't like their new dining room (on a boat! it was so cool!) but other than that it was excellent.

i am going to bed earlier than ever--i'll be in bed by midnight! fab! i am soooooo looking forward to sleeping. maybe i'll get well and my throat will stop being retarded. i hope so because i have to sing next week. oy. so anyway. goodnight, and happy hebrew to all.

btw: i joke all the time about getting west nile because of my mosqiuito-bite-prone self. tonight i got about 10 bites while loading miranda's new-to-her couch in the car (because amy basically lives in the forest...). but i can't really joke about it because one of my classmates' daughter really does have west nile--it was diagnosed yesterday. that is not good, but better than whatever they thought she had. apparently. i hope she gets well. and i hope i don't get it.
really hope. i hate being sick. and hebrew does not allow me to be ill. anyway. maybe i'll do homework this weekend. maybe not. hehehehe!

someone go dancing at a gay club for me--so i can live vicariously through you. thanks. i'll let y'all know how backstreet is once i finally get there. ta.

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