Saturday, October 26, 2002

Ok, so last night at Backstreet. It was a pretty good time! We got there around 12:30am, and it was almost totally dead. We took in the cabaret show for a while, and though the dance floor was still deserted at 2am, we (six of us) went down and danced our hearts out. It started to pick up around 3 or 3:30...we left just after 3:30 because a couple of people were tired. We had SO MUCH FUN. hehehe! I love dancing.
I went to bed at 5am. I wanted to get up for breakfast but couldn't bring myself to do that. I've taken mid-day naps longer than that sleep time. So I slept until 9am, and managed to be early! for the 10am staff meeting. After lunch I did Hebrew. lots of hebrew. at starbucks. woohoo! I love starbucks.
after hebrew i hung out with chris, which was good fun. :-) i took a nap too. this was a Very Good thing. :-) I like naps. heheheheh!

anyway, yes. today was a good day. :-)
There are lots of smileys in this post. I kind of wish blogger turned them into right-side-up smileys, but it doesn't.
i have lots of letters to write now. I decided not to go to the war protest in DC this weekend, much as i feel that it is important to protest war, because i didn't get any homework done all week, and i have thank yous and general correspondance that is SO BEHIND that needs to get done before school gets back into full swing. And I wasn't feeling as well as I would hope for a protest--so i will be watching the news, looking for my classmates. NO WAR!!

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