Thursday, October 31, 2002

i must do hebrew homework tonight. last night i slept instead. this is not good.
i want to socialize and talk and play and whatever, but i will be hanging out in my room tonight. woohoo!
HOWEVER: there will be children of my classmates and teachers coming through for trick or treating, which will be so fun! :-)

anyway, i realize that I've been rather boring lately, and i apologize. the grass is growing back (though there is still the River Kwai that runs across the quad because of the incessant sprinklers and the big rainstorms...), i haven't heard anything out-of-the-ordinary come from the president, and nothing exciting is happening here right now, just hebrew, papers, class, etc. I do have some things to say about the recent actions by groups within the Presbyterian Church, but I am holding out until I experience some of the conversation and atmosphere of some of the competing groups first hand. so...more on that later.

I am going home to church next week! A conference Thursday through Saturday, mushrooms at Duke and dancing at Roscoes on Saturday night, church on sunday morning! woohoo! :-) I'm sure I'll have things to say after that. but that is still 6 days away. in the meantime, i have to read Ezekiel, and go discover what nightmares are in store for dinner tonight. ta.

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