Saturday, October 26, 2002

In answer to those of you complaining about the choices of water in the poll:

too bad.
I am not changing it again, because that resets all the votes, etc, and it generally a hassle. And besides, I can only list up to ten choices, so I can't possibly satisfy everyone. I only added Dasani because I live in Coke-land and don't want to alienate others in the coke monopoly situation. so there. just vote for one, would you? thanks....

and if you want a new poll, give me some ideas! I have to come up with them all on my own, and sometimes that can be hard. hence the reason polls run for such a long time.

btw: the poll about being sick: most of you preferred "throwing up". "ralphing" and "hurling" got no votes, the rest got a few. The second most popular was, I believe, "tossing my cookies". hehehe! that's just gross. yes, much work to be done.

go drink some water. ;-)

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