Saturday, October 05, 2002

i hate being sick.
a big group of people went dancing last night. they had a lot of fun and were out Very Late. not me.
i hate being sick.
maybe next friday i can go dancing. that would be good. maybe next friday i can go to the big gay club. next friday is National Coming Out Day. it should be fun to be at a gay club then, right? there will be especially few people there to hit on me. i like that, because i don't want people hitting on me because i'm too busy to have a boyfriend. i'm practically too busy to have friends. i don't even send email anymore because i'm so busy.
ok, so i have time to post on my blog. but you know what i mean. lots of reading. and now lots of head-cold, which means lots of naps. i like naps. but i wish i could have gone dancing.
anyway. i'm going to do some "homework". translation: i'm going to take a nap.

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