Tuesday, September 17, 2002

it appears that the spiders don't like human company. they disappear when someone other than me comes into the room. I don't know where they go--but they aren't visible in the top of the wall/ceiling anymore. FYI for those just joining the spider saga: the moulding at the top of the wall does not actually join to the ceiling--there is a gap of about half an inch or so. Two spiders live there, in the living room, above the sofa...and they are just there. very odd. they don't do anything, really...they just sit there. not during the daytime, though, only at night. and now there is anew development in that they don't stya out if other people are here. yesterday, when three extra people came in the room, they disappeared quite fast. hmm............
baptism reading. must do it. must also go to sleep. aaah, sleep...joy of joys. I cannot wait until Saturday when I can sleep in!
pub quiz tonight--we did not win. though in round four we got five out of six...the sixth being "what does CNBC stand for". Answer? we put down Cable Network Broadcasting Company. The correct answer was something like Central News and Business Channel or something.

there is a silverfish crawling along the floor by the wall under my desk..oo..now it's gone under the floor moulding..who knows where it's gone off to. it won't be seen for a while now. too bad i couldn't catch it. i killed one earlier. maybe that's why the spiders disappeared...

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