Saturday, September 14, 2002

Okay... so there are still two spiders up there--this one must have been a family member coming on holiday. I do not approve.

no priscilla tonight, due to "dessert reception" for new students...and a trip to the airport to pick up Amy's sister. fun! the mexican food, however, was fab.

It is raining. A lot. a lot a lot. I don't like that at all. it isn't like our grass is going to return to green anytime soon. it has been completely annihilated, and no one knows what happened to it. One of the prides of the school (so much so that the previous president didn't allow people to WALK on the grass...), it is now the amber waves of grain. Only it was mowed yesterday, and is therefore no longer waves.
another note about rain: apparently down here rain makes it more humid rather than less (as happens everywhere else I've ever been). So it is now in fact MORE disgusting outside than it was before it started raining. ugh.

This weekend I have much work to do--and a lot of emails to send too. I am such the email slacker.
Tomorrow night we are watching O Brother Where Art Thou in the auditorium, which is excellent!

I am being random so I think it might be bedtime now. excellent! I can sleep in a little tomorrow!

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